Rubbee X review

"The absolute easiest, fastest way to add power to your favourite bike."

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“The Rubbee X e bike kit with battery was easily installed. It required a small adapter to be made which was rapidly produced and delivered to me by the Rubbee team. Riding my bike now is still great exercise, but now more fun and I am happy to go a lot farther on rides. Everyone is impressed by the clean design. It was a long wait on Kickstarter and worth all the time to get such a great product.”

-David, USA

“I got this ebike conversion kit from Indiegogo as I really want an electric bike system that can be removed from normal bike easily. Rubbee drive has done a brilliant job and it doesn’t add much weight to my Brompton too. Really enjoy it so far!”

-Pat, UK

“The Rubbee X e-bike kit is an impressive device and concept but one that requires all 3 battery modules to really shine. The power and range are enough to satisfy, coupled with the convenience of compactness, ease of mounting and unmounting makes for an all-round well engineered and fun to use product.”

-Alan, Poland